A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your First Facebook Advertisement

Facebook Advertisements can prove to be a fantastic tool to drive traffic to your Facebook page or even to an external URL. These advertisements can be seen along the right hand sidebar. Creating a Facebook advertisement can be daunting, despite the easy step by step self service process.

This post will show you how to create an effective Facebook Advertisement in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Creating your Facebook Advertisement.

Facebook Advertisements can contain an image, a title of 25 characters and a description of up to 90 characters and appear as shown below:

You also have the option of promoting a Facebook Status, Poll, Offer, Event or Milestone. By using this option, you can have two images, or perhaps a poll appear in the advertisement. This is a fantastic way to boost interaction with your advertisement as below:

Facebook allows the option to promote your most recent post over the duration of the campaign.

As these advertisements have a relatively low click through rate, it is essential that a catching image is used. A short, precise description, with a call to action is most likely to catch a Facebook users’ attention.

Sponsored Stories – The timeline orientated Facebook Advertisement.

Facebook also has the option of ‘Sponsored Stories’; these advertisements are a great utensil in expanding the reach of your advertisement. Not only the people included in your targeted group will be reached but their friends, a lot of whom will have similar interests. They appear in the timeline as follows:

Click to view full sized image.

Facebook automatically enables this option which can also be enabled in the advertisement options.

Step 2 – Targeting your Facebook Advertisement

Once you have an effective advertisement created, you must consider who your target audience is. Facebook offers a comprehensive tool to find the most relative target audience for your page. It’s criteria is based on personal profile elements such as location, age, gender, interests, connections, as well as advanced options including sexual orientation, marital status, languages, education and workplaces.

Depending on your page, you can adjust the above elements to create a unique niche category of people in a certain area or with certain interests etc.

Below are the basic targeting options:

Click to view full sized image.

Step 3 – Payment Options for your Facebook Advertisement

Lastly on Facebook, you must choose a payment option for your advertisement.You can choose to pay on a cost per click (CPC) basis or a cost per mille/impression basis (CPM). Paying on a CPC basis is highly recommended on Facebook as you will only be charged, should a person click on your advertisement. Paying by CPM can be advantageous in it’s extended reach, however it will usually work out more expensive per conversion. If you think about how many times you refresh your Facebook homepage throughout the day, you would be charged for perhaps each time you return to the homepage.

You can set a budget of €x per day or per campaign lifetime and then place a bid per click, guided by Facebook’s suggestion, based on the criteria you have input into the targeting options. Facebook also offer the option to optimise your bid for click, which allows Facebook to assign a price per click on your behalf.

Once you have these three steps done, it’s only a few clicks away from having your Facebook advertisement show up to many potential conversions.
Facebook offer you a guide on advertising here.

Facebook Advertisement


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