How To Use Twitter For Business

How to Use Twitter For Business.

This post will show you how to use the different features of Twitter and how to use them to optimise your online marketing techniques.

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging site used across the globe. It is a fantastic tool to complement a variety of tasks in any marketing strategy as will be explored in this post. Twitter is a real time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news in areas that you have an interest.

Twitter is based on small messages of information called Tweets, each tweet being 140 characters and shared with those who follow your account. Users can share images, links and videos with their followers. Twitter is increasingly being used by businesses to approach both existing and potential customers.

A user can interact with a Tweet in three ways; retweeting, favoriting or replying. Retweeting essentially means sharing, they can potentially share your tweet with their followers. Favoriting is the equivalent of Facebook’s like option, it suggests a user enjoyed the Tweet. Replying is self explanatory, the user replies to the Tweet with their own.

Twitter has been built on the foundation of mobile internet, even having an option to use via SMS. This enables Twitter to be the true ‘always on’ network.

Twitter Page Break Down

Twitter Tips – How to Use Twitter for Business

So, now that you have a clear understanding of how Twitter works, here are some essential tips on how to use Twitter for business purposes.

1.       Have a clearly defined strategy.

Before starting to use any social media website for marketing purposes, define what you want to achieve by using it. Consider what Twitter has to offer your business and what benefits it can bring. Some possibilities are mentioned below.

a.       Emphasise your brand image

b.      Gain more sales.

c.       Reach an extended audience.

d.      Customer Service and PR

e.      Advertise your products.

2.       Emphasise your brand image.

Emphasising your brand throughout social media is a great way to get stuck in the minds of your customers and even potential customers. The reach of Twitter has the potential to showcase your brand to a broad audience.

a.       Include your company logo as your profile photo. Followers can instantly identify with your brand as your logo will be the first thing they encounter.

b.   Update your cover photo to represent your brand. Make sure it’s fun and engaging. Adding a cover photo relevant to your brand catches your customer’s attention on the page and makes them more likely to stay on your Twitter feed and perhaps visit your website.

c.    Post/Share all branded content to twitter from other sites. Customers will engage with the content on Twitter and most likely visit the content source.

3.    Gain More Sales

a.    Link to the e-commerce site regularly. Customers can view the product range on Twitter and click through to purchase.

b.   Use promotions. Share promotion codes to use on your website. Offer discounts and run competitions. Promotions and competitions have a higher possibility of being ‘retweeted’ and creating a desire for your product.

4.    Reach an extended audience

a.    Follow potential customers competitors or people talking about your product. Find people talking about your brand or product by searching for it as a phrase and using hashtags ‘#’. Search for ‘yourbrand’ and ‘#yourbrand’.

b.   Use hashtags continuously- keep in mind what hashtags are relevant to your product. The aim is to think of hashtags that will be searched for and used by others, preferably directly related to your product.

c.    Tweet regularly and incentivise retweets. Encourage customers to share their experiences of your brand. Virality on Twitter is huge, incentivise retweets of an engaging tweet and you will find your following grow.

5.    Customer Service & PR

a.    Use Twitter to provide continued customer support, offer quick response (24 hours) on Twitter if possible. Direct Messages can be sent to individuals if they follow you, otherwise invite comment by email.

b.   Use Twitter to keep customers up to date with company news, offers and other important information. Twitter is a real-time network, keep customers continuously up to date with company news, offers etc.

c.    Deal with negative feedback positively, remember that anything can go viral.

6.   Advertise your product.

a.    Use twitter to showcase your products to customers.

b.   Tweet about the benefits of your products including useful images.

c.    Offer Twitter exclusive promotion codes.

Don’t forget these essential tips when learning how to use Twitter for business.

  • Twitter is in real time. Experiment to find the best time to reach your customers.

  • Post regularly and with content your followers are interested in.

  • Tweets with pictures and links are far more effective.

  • Maintain one aim and use others to complement it.

Twitter can be used extensively, without spending anything- however if your budget allows Twitter offer a range of advertising services for businesses as can be found here:


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