Create a blog – A recipe for success

Are you starting a new venture? Would you like to cook up something new such as providing a new service or great new product online? Are you looking for a low-cost and effective formula to reach your customers? Do want to communicate directly with online communities?

According to a 2011 Survey only 13% of entrepreneurs are using blogs to build their online brand. (Technorati 2011)

If we were to read Jamie Oliver’s recipe book, he would certainly include blogging as a top recipe. Jamie a well-known food advocate successfully promoted his brand globally creating huge online awareness. See Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recipes Blog.

Why create your own blog?

Blogging can help build rapport with your readers online and can act as “a hub for publishing content and offers”.  (Smart Insights) It allows you to get closer to your customers by encouraging dialogue and participation with your brand through comments and messages with readers online.

Information can be easily accessed through conversations, feedback comments and listening to social signals via your blog aiding your journey to business success.

Valuable market research can be conducted whereby online surveys, questionnaires, and polls can be tested on a world wide audience. Direct questions can be posed globally using your own unique voice and online perspective gaining valuable reader feedback.

How to create a blog site?

Blogs can be created on  Word press Google Blogger or Tumblr and using many other tools. It can be optimised by using not only SEO search rankings but through additional linking to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, P-interest, YouTube and Foursquare.

Jamie uses YouTube to complement his blog and to promote his 30 minute meals

See Jamie’s Grilled smoked salmon on YouTube below:

We can also see how he has linked his blog to YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon on top right corner of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recipes Blog.

Jamie the Chef on YouTube

A study and found that WordPress is in use by 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world. (Royal Pingdom). Some great examples of WordPress blogs are the Playstation blog for its navigable and interesting menus with exiting content. In addition the  Spotify music blog has excellent content related to its streaming music service and also has a very interesting use of design and video.

See the following YouTube WordPress Training “Getting Started with WordPress” :

What to write in my blog?

Blogs can be written about any area of passion from art, music, to fashion blogs. A recent Irish blog winner of Irish Blog awards 2012 was Mollymoo for best design and best craft blog.

With informational and original content complementing your organisation’s digital objectives; your blog can become a great learning and promotional tool for your business.

Your blog can act as a hub providing information on your product or service benefits and customer feedback comments. It can also serve your audience with the latest news updates by linking to news feeds such as Feedly and Twitter enhancing blog content for the reader.

When to write blogs?

Bloggers can choose daily, weekly or monthly posts to captivate their audience to get them hooked. Rene Power from Smart Insights affirms;

“You don’t need to blog every day; use the frequency that is right for your business and the resources you’re putting into it.”

He also believes that if you are not blogging every day that you should let people know via email about your recent posts and then let people know via other social media tools such as twitter, facebook and social media bookmarks such as StumbleUpon and Reddit.


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