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Research Report: The effectiveness of current social media marketing techniques in engaging generation Z.

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This report examines the effectiveness of current social media marketing techniques in engaging generation Z through primary and secondary research. The research project is part of my final dissertation on the Bachelor of Business in Retail Management at Dublin Business School, attaining a distinction.

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Protected: Providing Quality Customer Service on Facebook

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Facebook’s Vital Organs

Welcome to the first of my Facebook Advertising for beginners series.

How does Facebook work for business? What are it’s Vital Organs?


Facebook is a hugely simple tool to use both personally and for an organisation. It takes a little courage to get started, like any venture but fear not- here’s some helpful advice to get to grips with it’s basic features.

There are three main areas that you should draw interest to initially, they are:

  1. Facebook Timeline

  2. Facebook Statuses

  3. Facebook Mail

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Are you spending enough on Positive Costs?

Greg Canty Fuzion Blog

In my accounting days (yes, I know most of you won’t believe it – I was!!) we had a few different ways of looking at the costs of a business.

The most popular of these was a very simple analysis – Fixed Costs, which were those costs that would not vary with volume and Variable Costs, which were the costs which did vary according to volume. This was quite a simplistic model, which didn’t always hold up!

We then had other methods of looking at costs such as Zero Base Costing and Activity Based Costing .. interesting stuff indeed!

Since the recession has kicked in I have witnessed first hand clients being advised to cut back on expenses by the accounting fraternity and often they just do it themselves automatically – the types of costs that get chopped first are those that are deemed to be “unnecessary”, which…

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Search engine optimisation starter guide

What is SEO?

Seo stands for search engine optimisation. The idea behind SEO is to increase your sites visibility on the web attracting traffic with a frequent flow of unique visitors to your site.

Here is a simple video explanation:

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A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your First Facebook Advertisement

Facebook Advertisements can prove to be a fantastic tool to drive traffic to your Facebook page or even to an external URL. These advertisements can be seen along the right hand sidebar. Creating a Facebook advertisement can be daunting, despite the easy step by step self service process.

This post will show you how to create an effective Facebook Advertisement in 3 simple steps.

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