Micheál Duffy

Digital Marketing Room Micheál DuffyHi, I’m Micheál.

After studying sociology, I became particularly interested in the digitisation of society. I witnessed the huge potential that the digital marketing field holds for businesses through watching my family’s business grow from the offline world into the online world. I took the opportunity in 2012 to study in the area of digital marketing at Dublin Business School, where I’ve gained a broad skill set and practical experience of how to create a beneficial online presence.

I am currently studying for a degree in management and work in retail management where I encounter a highly competitive and evolving business model daily. In my field, it couldn’t be more clear that it is a necessity for businesses to adopt an online marketing strategy.

The Digital Marketing Room holds a great opportunity for me to share the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained along the way. My posts aim to help those with little knowledge of the online marketplace to kickstart their e-presence. Posts by me can be viewed here.

So come in, enhance your knowledge of digital marketing by reading my posts.

I offer free advice and staff training options for small and medium sized businesses in regard to implementing an online marketing strategy. Feel free to contact me directly via e-mail at michealhduffy@gmail.com.

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